Things We Should Appreciate About Thai Women

By Mike / May 5, 2017
Things we should appreciate about thai women

Doesn’t it seem like the internet is overwhelmingly negative? I think it’s just easier to pick a person, place, or thing apart when there are almost no consequences of doing so. Perhaps I’m even guilty of this with one of my recent articles entitled, “Thai Girl Habits I can do Without.” And pertaining to Thai women, I believe the hate has gone too far throughout the Thai-centric message boards and forums out there. So in an effort to tip the scales back a bit, here is a list (if not a reminder) of the things we should appreciate about Thai women more than we do sometimes. Let’s not take the good ones for granted.

1) Their weight: Most Thai women don’t even hit the gym, but you wouldn’t know that from looking at their stomachs. They’re blessed with having longer legs and more narrowed torsos than shorter women from back home have. There are so many who don’t take care of themselves well and still have nice bodies, and the few that do exercise regularly have incredible bodies.

2) Their butchering of the English language: Now in some ways this is a direct contradiction to the article of mine where I called Thai women out for giving up on learning any English past the exact point of being able to have some semblance of a conversation. It does bother me that so many of them wouldn’t want to keep going and become proficient and fluent. But there’s a flip side to this coin, and when I’m able to look past their lack of motivation, I can really get a kick out of talking with some of them because they do say some really funny and adorable sh*t. I think compared to ladies of other countries, what makes the Thai girls come off as being particularly cute when they hack up the English language is that they have no shame or shyness in their game. They’ll pick up bits and pieces of words and phrases and confidentially use them in sentences as if they’ve been using them for decades, and how could you not love that? Another nice thing is that with their lack of motivation to learn how to read English very well you’re probably less likely to get caught with cheating texts and cheating emails!

3) Their cooking: Obviously the highly regarded cuisine of their culture gives them a boost in this department but I’m not going to hold that against them. Not every Thai girl knows how to cook or enjoys cooking, but I’d say about half of them do, compared to maybe 10% of the women I was used to dealing with. So their willingness to cook is a plus, and the quality of the dishes they cook is a huge plus!

4) Their sense of humor: A trait that is underrated and not often discussed about Thai girls. I find that it’s very easy to trigger their sense of humor and I also find them to be able to laugh at themselves. Even if a Thai girl is in a bad mood, you’re only just a funny line or two away from getting a smile out of them.

5) Their sex drive: They’ll give Venezuelan women a run for their money in this department and that’s high praise. Never in my life did I imagine I would ever turn down a girlfriend of mine for sex until I got to Thailand; there’s just only so much I can handle. American women (and I’m sure British and Australian women are very similar) use sex more as a tool in a relationship, and they’re usually willing to sacrifice the enjoyment from sex just to prove a point. I don’t find this too often in Thailand and that’s a beautiful thing.

6) Not being bitchy: Every girl has a bitchy side to her, and Thai girls are no different. However, the duration of time you actually come into contact with their bitchy side is much shorter than women from many other countries. Sure there are exceptions, especially in the bar girl community, but for the most part you’re in the clear. Some guys I know in the U.S. are scared to come home because their wives are so bitchy; it’s a pleasant surprise to them when their wives aren’t in a bitchy mood. I think this also comes as a result of growing spoiled, and I think few Thai girls have that spoiled upbringing which is fantastic.

7) Buddhism: It might not be Buddhism itself compared to other faiths, and maybe it’s just the fact that Thai girls actually take to their faith at all, but either way it seems to work well for us. You just get the sense that the women who actively follow Buddhism to any degree have a level of patience, peace and forgiveness that many other women don’t.

8) They’re up for anything: So I will contradict myself again; better I tell you than you tell me in the comment section, right? In the other article I mentioned that “It’s Up to you” can be a real pain in the ass, and that specific phrase and the way they use it to get out of any type of decision making process does bug the heck out of me. But there’s a little bit of that flavor that I enjoy; Thai women are more willing to tag along with you to do odd things at odd times than any other women. And not in an obedient way like in Japan, which is no fun at all. I’m talking about the women here having a good attitude about trying new things and being up for a good time more often than not.

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