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Pattaya Ladyboys: The Sexiest Shemales in the World

By Mike / May 26, 2017

Pattaya is heaven for those who wants to have a hot and clean lady boy experience. The best looking ladyboys in Thailand come to Pattaya looking for work, and it's your job to give it to them on waling street where they usually hang out!

Whether you like thin and tan bodies or tall and white-skinned, the sheer amount of ladyboys available is stunning. Clean shaven hard bodies, these transexual girls are exciting in bed, and are often fun-loving and light hearted as well. The perfect travel experience, plus no fear of pregnancy! Not just for homosexuals, Thai ladyboys come pre-op and post-op as described further below.

My First Time

ladyboy in pattaya

My very first time having sex with a ladyboy in Pattaya was great. I was lucky enough to find a feminine stunner that was hotter than a lot of real Thai girls. Tall, white smooth skin and packing a natural big booty. She was better than most bar girls I had been with and I was looking for a long-term relationship.

Kissing her felt like any other woman, and no strange feelings of being with a man arose in me (which has happened at various occasions following). Her body was noticeably harder than most women's, undoubtedly due to the fact that she was born to a man's body.

This particular ladyboy, named Noi, worked in Pattaya, and was born in Chiang Mai. She was wearing a black tight mini-dress that made her body look incredibly enticing. Naturally hairless, except for a few regions which she kept clean waxed. Licking around her curves and crevices tasted so feminine and sweet, something you would never find in a full-blown man.

Noi had a high energy in the bed, and enjoyed everything with humor and fun. Kissing and groping was intense and full of passion for the moment. As I sucked on her breast implants I was pleased to find no nipple hair, and she the perfect not-to-big fake boobs.

As groping progressed, the energy got hot, and it was clear that I was about to fuck a woman. Or maybe that's just the subconscious speaking. A lot of guys worry about whether having sex with a transsexual is considered gay or not gay, to which I have one answer: try it. If you're gay you'll know.

Once it came time for the grind, I uncovered her ass which was fully groomed and manicured fresh. That little butt hole was about to get reamed and creamed, and was the perfect vessel for my eager cock.

Not to go into full gory details, all I will say is that it was a great sexual experience, that led me to meet other ladyboys, some which did not have the same luster. Finding a true winner is not that easy, as the photographs Pattaya ladyboys use online are mostly doctored and old. If you find a real keeper, hold onto her.

Types of Pattaya Ladyboys

Pre-op (มีหำ) With dick

The most popular ladyboys in Pattaya have dicks. Most who want to jump in the sack with a transsexual aren't looking for a replica of a real woman, but rather a whole different sexual experience. Beautifully pre-op tan waxed bodies look great bent over doggy, and a good romp will get her cumming hands-free.

Thai cocks are rarely if never circumcised, so be ready for this. Most of the macho Thai guys who bang a Pattaya ladyboy hit them from the back, while the more feminine guys go all out sucking and fucking each other. Pattaya ladyboys are easy to get into three-ways and other group sex endeavors. All it takes is a little cash, or some dating game.

Ladyboys with dicks are versatile in bed, and aren't afraid to tell you this. Whether you are looking for a top, bottom, or both, just ask the question. The majority of ladyboys in Pattaya will know this question... but if not you can always ask them in Thai:

mii ham mai (มีหำไหม) = Do you have a cock?

-Post-op (แปลงเพศ) No dick

A minority of Pattaya ladyboys have undergone genital reassignment surgery. This means their penis is cut reformed into a makeshift vagina, although some of these are purely for show. A good surgery result will be ready for sex, but often that is not the case.

For those squemish about sleeping with another penis, post-op ladyboys may be right for you, and can be an effective stepping stone into the transsexual community.

One friend recalls his experience with a post-op transexual: The pussy looked impressivly authentic, although there was no natural lubrication. Not as scary as some may think, up close to her genital area was nice and hygienic. Unfortunately, she was only able to take 3 inches, so the back door was still the primary organ used for sex.

As a result of genital reassignment surgery, some Thai ladyboys may lose their sex drive. Something to ask about and consider on your trip to Pattaya.

If you want to ask a ladyboy if she has done the procedure, honestly hand gestures are better than trying to pronounce a language you are not yet comfortable with - if that's the case. But for those who insist on speaking Thai, here's the translation below. Don't worry about the tones, just try to say it as it reads. Learning thai by talking to natives always helped me. Most short time bars have English speaking staff so you should be okay if you do not want to learn.

tam salaya gam pleng pet ruu yang (ทำศัลยกรรมแปลงเพศหรือยัง)

Where to find ladyboys in Pattaya?


Meeting hot ladyboys who are DTF is easier than reading this article when you're in the heart of Pattaya. Simply take a walk around any frequented soi and you're sure to find a friendly ladyboy smile, who may even call you out offering her services.

Spend less money with freelancers than you would at a go-go bar or escort service. Marine Disco is one of the few night clubs in Pattaya that let ladyboys in. Hit this spot for freebies if you're lucky. They do check ID cards so if you are under 20, don't bother.

Full on street hookers can be found by Beach Road frequently, and also at Walking Street during the late night hours. Take a cruise there as well as Soi Buakao -- don't pay over 1000 baht for short-time.

Online dating services have tons of stunning ladyboys ready to jump in the sack within minutes’ notice. Thai Friendly is free to sign up and you can even send messages for free too so meeting ladyboys online is easy here.

Ladyboy Massage Parlors

For the cheap quickie, you can ease the stress of the day with a speedy blow job or even more at tons of places in Central Pattaya. It's full of happy ending massage parlors. Where to find them? Chances are that if you see a ladyboy working in a "massage" advertized place, it's most likely a blow job joint.

Try Soi 13/1 or 13/2 at all hours of the day because it is a great location for beautiful thai ladyboys. All the way from from Beach Road to Second Road is loaded with happy ending massage parlors that will likely have at least one hot ladyboy working.

Pay the normal Thai massage/Oil massage prices of 300-500 baht, then get your happy ending finish for another 300-500 Baht extra. You shouldn't be paying more than 1000 baht for a massage and a shoot session. Transsexuals give great massages, ask anyone in Pattaya.

One specifically ladyboy massage joint is located on Second Road between Soi 13/2 and 13/3. Great service and lots of friendly transsexual stunners around the clock.

Bars and Go-Go's

The best place to find professional sex kathoeys is in a Pattaya bar. Thailand is full of hot and steamy bars packed with blazingly sexy transsexuals. Famous Ladyboy bars and Go-Go bars should be the curious tourist's first and last stop. Read our 3 favorite bars below for hard working sex workers.

Best 3 Ladyboy Bars Pattaya (Quick Review)

Kitten Club Pattaya (A-Go-G0)

This adult bar in Pattaya is home to some of the world's sexiest ladyboy escorts. How convienent that it's part of the Kitten Club which offers full-on women, as opposed to Obsessions that is straight ladyboy heaven *not sure that straight is the right term hehe. The two bars are connected to the Penthouse Hotel, so when you're ready to take your sexy ladyboy into the bedroom for some fun, you don't have to go far. Short time room costs 500 baht.

One hot point of Obsessions is the jacuzzi right in the middle of this devious sex den, making for a very hot experience. Go there, buy some lady drinks (or ladyBOY drinks) and enjoy life on the wild side!

Opens at around 6PM and usually runs until 2AM. You might be able to snag some discounts if you get there around closing. Moving to Thailand will be tempting after spending a night here.

Baby Boom A-Go-Go

If you don't want to see other tourists around while you are in ladyboy heaven, find this bar! Located in a unfrequented backalley off of Soi Buakhao, Baby Boom can offer a lot of attention for the ladyboy enthusiast. 5-star hotties and decent prices make this spot a personal favorite. Owned by a friendly European, Baby Boom can host parties and is very accommodating to it's customers. One of the best ladyboy bars in Pattaya if you like things a bit more private. A bar fine is cheap here so I recommend it and it is near Pattaya beach road.

Sensations Bar

Of the most frequented and highly reviewed ladyboy establishments in Pattaya, Sensations Bar is one of the best. Right in the open on Soi Buakhao, the super sexy trans-girls bring in the attention. Some of the best looking, truly beautiful clean ladyboys are in Sensations Bar, and are sure to make you smile... or more.

Sensations Bar has been around since 2012 and is foreign-Thai owned as are many and it is a great place to meet ladyboys. Good reputation for customer treatment and wild parties! Open from 5PM to 2AM or so. Hotels in Pattaya are cheap around this which is a plus too.

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Mike is from the U.S. and has lived in Pattaya for 5 years.He loves Thailand, business, and women. Mike isn’t shy about sharing his experiences and his knowledge with anyone and everyone. He has a unique point of view that can easily be appreciated and he puts great effort into writing well thought out articles that help his fellow expats.

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