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Pattaya Girls – In depth look at the girls of Pattaya

pattaya girls guide

With tens of thousands of prostitutes operating within city limits, it’s not hard to understand why Pattaya girls have the reputation they do. Not every girl in Pattaya is in the pay for play scene but it’s not the place you’d go to for meeting a good girl. There are thousands of women who have legitimate jobs in Pattaya, but the problem is that many of them freelance in prostitution as well. If you like the pay for play scene, you should visit Pattaya to experience one of the best places in the world. On any night you can easily find a nice and cute girl and she won’t cost you very much.

Most of the girls in Pattaya are Thai women originally from Isaan and tend to have darker skin. Since prostitution is such a huge part of Pattaya’s identity, the working girls aren’t really embarrassed about what they do there. So while bar girls in other cities might dress a bit conservatively during the day or whenever they’re not at the bar, thai women in Pattaya will dress slutty 24/7. They’ll also be affectionate in public, which is basically a no-no anywhere else and they can be seen in beer bars all over town. I hope this Pattaya nightlife guide gets you familiar with the scene so you can stay safe if you pay for sex and have a good time.

pattaya girs in gogo bar

It’s true that most girls come to Pattaya for the money, but it’s not true that they’re forced to do so. A very high percentage of these girls could easily find a job and get by just fine, but they just wouldn’t make anywhere near as much and it wouldn’t be as fun. And a lot of the girls come to Pattaya just as excited as they are anxious. There are very few girls in the city who hate what they do for a living, and if they did nothing is really stopping them from doing something else in a more boring part of the country. Many of them enjoy the lifestyle and it’s silly to think otherwise. There are plenty of men who have married a bar girl they bar fined in Pattaya thinking that they saved the girl, but we know better. There are also plenty of people who think they’re all victims, and that any man who sees a bat girl in Pattaya is a predator; that couldn’t be further from the truth. Exploring walking streets go-go bars which teach you a lot more about this.

Somewhere around half of the WG’s have at least one child, and usually their mother takes care of the children in Isan. They can go months and even a year without seeing their babies. Whether the Mother is taking care of a baby or not, most of the girls send their families a piece of their income every month. So if you were wondering why more parents don’t go crazy and put a stop to it when they find out their daughter is headed to Pattaya, now we know why, there is financial incentive for the family not to get on her case about it. There is a small percentage that does get thrown to the wolves out of necessity to make as much money as they can to pay family debts etc. But I’d be surprised if the group with heavy pressure to work as a BG in Pattaya is more than 5%.

Pattaya is also not exactly a hot spot for the financially savvy Thai women. To me it seems like working girls in other cities have more of a propensity to set financial goals and to save their money than the girls in Pattaya. I would that a girl with a legitimate job making 15,000 baht a month will sgave just as much money as the working girl who makes double or triple. There is sort of an ugly culture behind the scenes of the bars between the bar girls themselves. It’s a “look what I have” and “live for today” attitude between them. They enjoy telling their friends about the nights they’ve made the most money from a guy, and they’ll brag about how they have a “sponsor” paying their way every month. BG’s in Pattaya will lie to foreign men as easily as they breathe and they’re basically taught that there’s nothing wrong with doing this.

For the purposes of this article I will group dancers, bar girls, and full time freelancers into one category of working girls (WG’s). There are obviously many differences between these 3 and if you want more information on it you can check my write-up of the WG types HERE. But for this article regarding Pattaya I will go into other categories of Pattaya girls such as experience, attitude, and career paths. Here is a breakdown of Pattaya Girls.

Types of Pattaya Girls​

Rookie WG 

You can spot the rookies from a mile away and most of them don’t really speak much English. Girls can learn English in Isaan schools, but the schools don’t really press the issue so most only know the most basic words and phrases when they first arrive. If a girl from Isaan decides she wants to be a prostitute, be aware that they have other options, so I think it says something that they specifically choose Pattaya. They could easily work in places closer to home that cater to Thai men or they could work in Bangkok where there are so many other opportunities for them if they ever want to phase out the prostitution. But in choosing Pattaya, the girl is basically ruling out all options other than having sex with foreign men for money.

That is what they come for and there’s nothing temporary about it and it’s obvious that no other legitimate opportunities would ever present themselves. Some may think they can meet a boyfriend, but only the very naïve think they’d meet a husband in a city where 90% of them men are there for a week at a time. A rookie isn’t really tainted when she first starts working, but if she’s made the decision to be a BG in Pattaya this was not a good girl to start with. Usually within her first month or so, if she’s decent looking, she’ll make a strong connection with a customer who she will basically fall in love with. Sometimes this leads to a real relationship, but usually it’s short-lived and it becomes a lesson to them about heart ache. They should know better, they should understand that if a man pays them for sex that he doesn’t have intentions of living happily ever after with her. But most of the rookies do experience a relationship early on where they think they’ve met the right man, and obviously most of them are back in the bar shortly after downing more lady drinks.

Veteran WG

Girls who have been working in the scene in Pattaya usually lie about the length of time they’ve worked by exactly half. So if a girl says she’s been working for 6 months, it’s probably closer to a year. But past 2 or 3 months it wouldn’t matter much, because by then the girls are 100% professional. They can get very into a routine even though they may see a different man every night. Most of them don’t take great care of themselves: they eat like crap, they drink every night, they wake up at 4PM, they put too much makeup on etc. So if someone tells you that Thai girls hit the wall at 29, while its 5-7 years later for girls of most other countries – that’s only true for WG’s. They get a nice little gut going by 27 most of the time and how could they not with the way they take care of themselves. A Thai girl who eats and sleeps regularly and doesn’t drink much will hold up just as well as girls from most other places. Back to the Veterans, these girls usually pick up some tricks of the trade when it comes to pleasing men. That is sexually and in terms of the girlfriend experience (gfe). If you do something for a long time you get good at it and it’s no different here; the veterans get really good at being enjoyable to be with. If they’re not a lot of fun they’d have no regular customers and no sponsors, which would make things more difficult. Some of them are very safe and use condoms every time they’re with a customer, but probably more than 50% aren’t as safe as they should be. They are jaded by the scene and it impacts their work ethic and their family values. The last thing you want to do in life is marry a veteran WG in Pattaya. But, they are a lot of fun to spend time with and not just because they’re good at their job. I’m not quite sure how or why, but most of the veterans are very nice and friendly and they can easily have a good time if you’re somewhat nice and fun. Again, as much as I paint the picture of a girl you want nothing to do with past a weekend, make no mistake about it, these girls are the BEST when it comes to just one night or one weekend. IF they weren’t, Pattaya wouldn’t exist in its current form. But these girls are a lot of fun, so most men turn out to be satisfied customers and even repeat customers. Most of the girls have had at least one serious relationship with a foreigner by the time they’ve been working for a while and most become very jealous and possessive in these relationships. Since they’re really only meeting men who want to pay on the spot for sex, this is really the only mainframe they see in foreign men. So naturally they assume that all men always act like the men who come to a bar or GoGo looking to pay for sex. A girl working in Bangkok might meet other types of men more regularly, but in Pattaya a girl is really only going to get one specific look at foreign men.

In and Out WG 

There are some girls who come to Pattaya for a season or even shorter just to make some quick cash in between semesters at school or more commonly when the farm they work on at home is between crops. These girls are more about business than they are about relationships. In some ways that’s good and I wouldn’t be shocked if a girl like this eventually turned into a decent wife. But in my experience these girls just aren’t as fun as the real Pattaya veterans for the night or for the weekend. The GFE just isn’t there.

Girl With Real Job Who Freelances

 I once knew a pretty girl with a very good job in Pattaya who probably made as much as a lot of the Bar girls with her very legitimate day job who still work in red light districts. They are easy to meet in most of the clubs in Pattaya. She was educated and came from a middle class family that seemed to be a big part of her life. She was also intelligent and classy. When I met her, she just got out of a 2 year relationship with an older European gentleman. She was in no rush to get into another relationship and instead she focused on her career. At the time I realized that this girl was going to require too much work and effort and I just wasn’t up for that. So we parted ways amicably and I didn’t see her again for about 6 months when I spotted her at a nightclub by herself. I was very surprised to see her there, so I didn’t let her see me until I could figure out what was going on. It didn’t take me very long to realize that she was freelancing. I talked to her and took her out of the club to a quieter place and I just asked her some questions.

She still had the job and was making even more money than before + her ex moved back to Europe but was still sending her 30,000 baht a month to be his “lay-away girlfriend.” So all in all she was making more than almost any girl in Pattaya city without being a prostitute, and yet there she was trying to pick up a customer just to make 2,000 baht. I asked her point blank, “Why?” She rambled on about how she’s lonely and she just doesn’t want to be alone, but essentially her answer was, “Why Not?” It’s just such an accepted part of life in Pattaya and it’s so easy for a pretty girl to meet a customer, even if she’s being picky. Imagine if you could go out to a bar near where you work, meet a fun girl, and she’d pay for all drinks and food and then she’d pay you well to have sex with her. If you could easily do this on any given night and you were single, would you ever consider doing this? So a lady shouldn’t have the same mentality, but in Pattaya girls don’t really act like ladies. There are many girls working legit jobs in Pattaya in malls, offices, hotels, shops, etc. Some of those girls cannot pass up the temptation, and dabble in prostitution from time to time. You just have to be aware of this and always use condoms to avoid sexually transmitted diseases.

Non-prostitute Looking For Foreign man

 I don’t think Pattaya is a good place for a Thai girl to meet a foreign husband, since the men are usually on vacation and purely looking for sex. To me it makes more sense that Bangkok would be the better place, but that doesn’t stop some women from heading to Pattaya in search of finding Mr. Right. And some of these girls refuse to work as a prostitute. So they’ll work a job in an office, shop, or hotel and they just keep their fingers crossed that they’ll meet Mr. Perfect. There aren’t a lot of women in this category, but I’ve met enough where I thought it’s worth mentioning them. Girls like this can be a catch, but a lot of them are really looking for financial security so you have to be careful about that. Steer clear of freelancers in Pattaya who fall under this category.

Non-prostitute Good girl 

This isn’t a very large group in Pattaya, but it’s not completely non-existent. There are girls who work in Pattaya or have shops in Pattaya because there is money to be made off of the tourism. Maybe they own a shop or they’re a vendor at a market. Or maybe they work for a big company who sent them to their Pattaya division. These women might have a Thai boyfriend or a Thai husband, but some are single and the best way to find them is via online dating. The women I have met like this never even saw Walking Street you should  despite living in Pattaya for a few months or more. They also weren’t eager to meet or date foreign men so it’s not too easy to get things rolling with them. There are universities in Pattaya but they don’t have large student bases so this isn’t a place where you’d find college girls. My favorite places thus far have been via hotels in Pattaya. Lots of staff working in them that are young and like foreigners.

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Mike is from the U.S. and has lived in Pattaya for 5 years.He loves Thailand, business, and women. Mike isn’t shy about sharing his experiences and his knowledge with anyone and everyone. He has a unique point of view that can easily be appreciated and he puts great effort into writing well thought out articles that help his fellow expats.

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