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Pattaya Girls – In depth look at the girls of Pattaya

By Mike / May 31, 2017

With tens of thousands of prostitutes operating within city limits, it’s not hard to understand why Pattaya girls have the reputation they do. Not every girl in Pattaya is in the pay for play scene but it’s not the place you’d go to for meeting a good girl. There are thousands of women who have […]


Things We Should Appreciate About Thai Women

By Mike / May 5, 2017

Doesn’t it seem like the internet is overwhelmingly negative? I think it’s just easier to pick a person, place, or thing apart when there are almost no consequences of doing so. Perhaps I’m even guilty of this with one of my recent articles entitled, “Thai Girl Habits I can do Without.” And pertaining to Thai […]


She’s a Prostitute If… (A Definitive List)

By Mike / April 18, 2017

Being smart in general doesn’t have a lot to do with being smart with women. I say this because I’ve seen some very smart guys do some very dumb sh*t with women, over and over again. So don’t take anything in this post personally; a lot of great and intelligent men happen to be among […]


Why Thai Women Aren’t Picky

By Mike / April 16, 2017

If you say “Thai women aren’t picky,” I think most people think of the ones who date very old white men as being the main example of this. Sure that’s one example, but it’s not the main one. It’s just the one that is most often discussed outside of Thailand and it’s the one that […]