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Best Lesbian / Tomboy Bars in Thailand

By Mike / October 3, 2018

Tom Boys are quite popular with both lesbians and straight women alike. As a matter of fact, the Thai lesbian scene in Thailand is only growing more and more each year. When a feminine lesbian with long hair starts a relationship with a tomboy, it is known as a Dee-Tom couple. The Tomboy takes on […]


Pattaya Girls – In depth look at the girls of Pattaya

By Mike / May 31, 2017

With tens of thousands of prostitutes operating within city limits, it’s not hard to understand why Pattaya girls have the reputation they do. Not every girl in Pattaya is in the pay for play scene but it’s not the place you’d go to for meeting a good girl. There are thousands of women who have […]


Walking Street Pattaya – Embrace The Absurdity

By Mike / May 10, 2017

Walking Street is internationally known, mostly for it being a haven of in your face prostitution. This for once is an accurate stereo-type about Pattaya and there’s no denying it. Every venue type and every type of prostitute is available in large number’s every single night of the year (give or take a holiday or […]


Top 10 Must Haves For a Legendary Night In Pattaya

By Mike / April 21, 2017

IF you are going out for a jam packed night of craziness in Pattaya, you must prepare for your adventure by having all of the tools of the trade ready to go. In case you didn’t already figure it out, this is going to be a very silly article.1) Pez dispenser full of Viagra – […]


How To Be A Good Wingman In Thailand

By Mike / April 18, 2017

Going out in Thailand alone is nothing like going out alone in most other countries. Here, you can actually have a great time when you’re by yourself and nobody looks at you weird for being a loner. But, while a good wingman is infinitely more valuable in your home country, they can still be a […]