Best Lesbian / Tomboy Bars in Thailand

Lesbians pick up girls in thailand

Tom Boys are quite popular with both lesbians and straight women alike. As a matter of fact, the Thai lesbian scene in Thailand is only growing more and more each year. When a feminine lesbian with long hair starts a relationship with a tomboy, it is known as a Dee-Tom couple. The Tomboy takes on the masculine role in the relationships. She cuts her hair short and wears clothing that a boy would wear. They also take on the role in other ways such as paying for everything and taking the lead in the bedroom. Lesbians pick up girls like this all the time.

Most people think that only lesbian women are interested in Toms but they would be wrong. Both foreign and Thai men also like to get with Toms if they are willing to be with a man. In most forums, you will see expats and tourists begging to know where the best Toms bars are in Bangkok.

Below is the full list of the best Tom Bars for lesbians in Thailand and men who love girls that look like boys.

Talk 99 Tomboy – Pattaya Lesbian Heaven

Talk 99 Tomboy Logo

This club is quite popular in Pattaya and gets busy after 11 o’clock in the evening. The nightspot has lots of cute toms and lesbians who are looking for a good time. Foreign men can come in but know how much luck you will get pulling anyone inside. Your best bet is to bring a Thai tomboy or a girl with you so others can feel comfortable around you.

It is pretty easy to get to because it is near Pattaya Tai 4. Tell any taxi or show them the map below and they will know how take you there. Closing time is around 3 am so you need to get there a few hours before so you don’t get rushed it. It comes highly recommended and you need to try it if you are a man who is into Toms.

BERN TomDiiz

BERN Tom Diiz logo

Bangkok is one of the best cities in Thailand if you love Tom Boy nightclubs. Bangkok lesbians are all over this place. BERN TomDiiz has some of the most beautiful women in the city who love Thai tom girls. It can get pretty crazy and luckily for us, men are allowed in. Like with most of these type of clubs, it is best to come with a group of friends. If you are a man alone, you will not feel welcomed and are wasting your time.

Performers are top notch and were very entertaining when I was there. The crowd seemed to love them. If you want to give this lesbian club a try, it is right near Bangkok City Hall on Maha Chai Road.  Again, show any taxi a map and they will find it for you in a heartbeat.

Smooth2go Chiang Mai

Smooth2go logo

On any list we make for the hottest night spots, at least a few clubs in Chiang Mai always make the cut. Opens pretty early around 6 pm and closes early also at 1 am which could be a buzzkill.  Even so, this tomboy club is the highest rated in town and for good reason. The age range is anywhere from 20 to 30 so it is not a club for older folk. Men can come in as long as they come in a group and respect the thai tom girls.

This club is on Rattanakosin road and can be a bit difficult to get to. Use the nap in this article and you will get there in due time. Get ready for a great time.

If you know any other spots where lesbians pick up girls and men are allowed in on the fun, please feel free to message me. I will always try to keep this updated as places become obsolete and newer spots take their place.

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