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ThailandNights.com is your daily fix for information and opinions regarding Thailand, Thai girls, vacations, and expat living. It's a site for men who love Thailand, so you can expect to see articles about Thai women, Pattaya girls, online dating, etc. But there's more to the site than just Thai girls, and you can find up to date reviews and guides for every major city. We also talk about real estate, making money in Thailand, scams, and anything else that is informative or sounds interesting relating to Thailand.

There are boring sites about Thailand and there are filthy sites about Thailand; our goal is never to be either. This takes a bit of creativity so that we can toe the line and talk about things that need be discussed (like Thai girls and even Pattaya girls), without having a juvenile or deviant tone. We believe there is a way to discuss topics about Thai women honestly, openly, and somewhat professionally without being ignorant, dull, naive, and certainly never misogynistic. We are not a fly by night operation; this blog is here to stay! We will never promote or advertise services we don't believe in, so if you see a recommendation of ours you can have confidence in its integrity. The writers at Staying in Thailand .com love Thailand and we're looking to connect with others who feel the same way. Please enjoy the site and feel free to comment at the bottom of each blog post.